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Tips and Tricks for Sydney Roof Restoration

Why Get a Professional Roof Restorer

The interest in DIY home improvements is on the rise. With more stores now carrying high quality products that homeowners and commercial property owners can purchase themselves, more people are taking on tasks that were once left up to the professionals. For minor projects, performing repairs yourself can help to save you money; however, there are still some jobs that are best left to those who have years of experience in the field.


Roof restoration is one type of home improvement task that is best left in the hands of a professional roofer. Here are three of the top reasons why you should get a professional roof restorer to handle your project:



Any time that you climb onto your roof, you should be concerned about safety. Falls from a roof can be deadly or cause permanent injuries. Professional roof restorers know how to safely work on rooftops and will take all the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. A professional company will also carry insurance that will protect you if an unpreventable accident does occur. In addition, professional roof restorers know how to safely use the products needed to seal and restore a roof without injury.



Every roof poses its own unique set of challenges when it comes to performing a roof restoration. It’s not enough to simply apply products to the surface of a roof. You must also know the right way to work with the material from which your roof is made. Gable roofs, hip roofs, low-slope roofs and other types of roofs all require different techniques when it comes to roof restoration. An experience roof restorer will know the right way to get the best results for your roof.


Equipment and Materials

Professional roof restorers with good reputations tend to use high-end materials and reliable, innovative equipment to perform jobs. This can mean that work can be completed in a more timely manner and that the finished results will be more impressive than if you tried to do the job yourself. Plus, you won’t have to spend time researching what products to use or tracking down equipment to rent or purchase.


Cost Management

While having a roof restorer perform the work for you means paying a professional, making the investment in professional service could save you money in the long run. The higher level of quality possible from a professional restorer can mean that the results from roof restoration last for longer, maximising your return on your investment in home improvements.


If you’re looking to have the roof of your home or commercial property restored, Paul Magro from Colour Elegance, Sydney is ready to assist you. Our team of professional restorers has years of experience in the field. We know the right technique for restoring any roof as professionally, safely and affordably as possible, and we use state-of-the-art equipment for every task. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.

Visual, Performance and Value enhancements of Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is a highly beneficial service that can make commercial and residential properties more attractive, more appealing to prospective buyers and more resistant to the effects of the elements. Although roof restoration services have been offered for decades, many people don’t fully understand what the process entails. We often get questions from property owners regarding roof restoration and we put together this quick list of answers to common queries to help those considering the service learn more.


What can you tell me about the solar reflection improvements from a freshly painted roof?


One of the benefits of painting or coating a roof is enhanced solar reflection. When the sun shines down on a house or business, its heat can penetrate the roof and enter the building. As a result, the top floor or attic area can become very hot in the summertime, causing air conditioners to work much harder to keep temperatures comfortable indoors. This can lead to dramatic increases in energy costs during the hot summer months. Many of the best roof restoration products have reflective properties, meaning that they cause the rays of the sun to bounce off a roofing surface rather than penetrate it. During the summer months, this can greatly reduce the problems associated with hot upper floors, saving homeowners and business owners money on their monthly energy bills. Energy conservation also benefits the entire planet, giving roof restoration environmental benefits.


Can I match my house colours?


Increasing the aesthetic appeal of a home is one of the primary benefits of roof restoration, so it’s understandable that property owners would worry about the finished colour of their roofs. Top roof restoration seals and coatings are offered in a variety of standard colours, which are designed to match the most common hues used in building design. In addition, many products have customisable colour options that allow property owners to get an exact match for any colour that they choose.


Will it add value to my home?


When calculating the value of a home, the quality and condition of the roof makes up roughly 10 to 15 per cent of the overall value of the structure. The condition is assessed primarily in terms of the structural integrity of the roof; however, the appearance of the roof and the level of protection that it currently has in place can also impact the value and make a home worth more. You also can’t discount the visual effect of roof restoration upon potential buyers. A roof that is attractive to the eye can make prospective buyers feel that a home or business is worth a higher asking price.


How much cheaper is roof restoration than roof replacements?


Pricing of roof restoration and roof replacement services depends on a wide variety of factors, so it’s not possible to provide an exact dollar savings that will apply to everyone. Generally, restoring a roof will cost less than half the price of fully replacing a roof.


Still have questions about roof restoration? We have answers. Give us a call to learn more about roof restoration and to get a quote on having the roof of your commercial or residential property restored.

How long does roof restoration last?

When you make any type of investment in your home, you want to get the biggest possible return on the money you spent. Having a home repair or improvement project completed only to have its benefits be fleeting can end up wasting your money, so it’s understandable that you’d want to proceed with caution when considering any type of improvement. Read on for general advice, or if you need roof restoration in Sydney we’d be glad to visit for specific advice.

Roof restorations have been proven to add to the aesthetic appeal to homes by restoring the appearance of roofs to like-new condition. Restorations also provide much-needed protection from water damage, mould and other environmental threats. But how long do their results really last? Read on to get the full story about the longevity of roof restorations.

Factors Affecting Roof Restoration Results

Before you can fully understand the data regarding how long roof restorations last, you must first understand what affects the longevity of results. Some factors include:

1. Climactic Conditions

Roof restoration products provide protection from the elements, but they are also acted on by the forces of nature. Homes and businesses in areas that get large amounts of sunlight and rain or where the air is salty or especially humid are more likely to suffer roof wear and tear than properties in other locations. As a result, a roof restoration may not last as long in areas where climactic conditions are harsh.

2. Materials

There are a number of different products and systems available for performing roof restoration services. Like all other types of products, roof restoration materials can vary in quality from cheap, basic formulas to top-of-the-line, high quality solutions. Better products will produce results that outlast those possible with the competition.

3. Workmanship

Even the best roof restoration products won’t last for as long as they could if they are not applied properly. The right technique needs to be employed in order for roof restoration products to provide maximum benefits for homes and businesses.

The Average Life of a Roof Restoration

The life of a roof restoration can vary greatly from property to property based on the factors that were previously outlined. The very best products applied by knowledgeable professional installers last an average of 10 years, but it is possible for the results to last for longer or shorter periods of time.

The Importance of Warranties

If you’re considering roof restoration and are concerned about how long the results will last, it is important that you inquire about any warranties from your roofing contractor. Top roof restoration products carry guarantees and warranties for a set period of time, and experienced roofing contractors should also offer guarantees and warranties on the quality of their workmanship. When you have the protection of guarantees and warranties, you’ll be able to take action if the life of your roof restoration results are inadequate or disappointing.

At Colour Elegance, we use NuTech roof restoration products that carry a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and we offer a 5 year guarantee on our workmanship. For more information about our services, please contact us at 0410 507 038.

What are the symptoms of needing roof restoration

Many people have heard about the benefits of roof restoration from improving the aesthetic appeal of a home to increasing its value to helping keep the roof from suffering major damage with age. Still, many people confuse roof restoration with roof repair and find themselves unsure if they should be looking for a contractor with experience in roof repairs or roof restoration. Fortunately, you can often tell whether a repairer or a restoration specialist is the right professional to meet your needs just with a visual inspection.


The following symptoms indicate that a roof restoration may be the right choice for your roof:



Faded appearance

One of the easiest-to-spot symptoms of a much-needed roof restoration is fading. With age, roofs often develop a film that leaves them looking paler than they once did. UV exposure can also bleach certain types of roofing materials, producing all over or spotty fading. A roof restoration can leave colours brighter and even for an attractive effect.


Growth of mould or mildew

Mould, mildew and algae can all begin to grow on roofs over time. These microbes will appear as black, chalky or green discolouration that may be confined to one area of a roof or widespread. The pressure-washing phase of roof restoration can remove these species and help to prevent their return.


Dirty or grimy appearance

Depending on the age of your roof and type of environment in which you live, your roof may appear dirty or dusty up close or even from a distance. Years of dirt require intense water pressure to be completely removed, making roof restoration necessary.


Lack of shine or lustre

A brand new tile or metal roof will have an attractive lustre that complements the facade of a building. This gradually fades over time, but can be easily brought back to life with a roof restoration.



Symptoms that indicate roof repairs may be better the option for your needs include:



Cracked, misshapen, missing, broken tiles or shingles

Some roof restoration specialists can make very basic repairs like replacing one or two shingles; however, most often, you’ll need a professional roofer to deal with these problems.


Rust or corrosion

Metal roofs that appear rusted or have visible holes in them should be repaired or replaced, not restored.



Roof leaks are signs of structural damage and cannot be fixed simply through roof restoration.

Still unsure whether your home or place of business needs a roof restoration or a roof repair or replacement? Let the experts have a look and give you their advice. At Colour Elegance Painters and Decorators, we have years of experience in roof restoration and can assess the condition of your roof and provide you with the best advice regarding whether we can help you or whether you would be better served by the services of a roof repairer. Contact us at 0410 507 038 to schedule a consultation.

Roof Restoration – How do I know if my roof is suitable?

Roof restoration can make a big difference in the appearance of your home or commercial property and help to protect your roof from the elements, so that it can last for years to come. Often, homeowners and commercial property owners look at their roofs and know that some type of work needs to be done because it is simply not looking as good as it once did. If you’re in Sydney, drop us a line for expert Sydney roof restoration.


But is the right solution repair or restoration?

The answer will depend upon a number of key factors and vary based upon the type of roof that you have. Read on to learn more about what to look for when considering a roof restoration for three of the most popular types of roofs:


Tile Roof Restorations

Although tiles are cured during the manufacturing process to make them durable, no tile roof can resist the factors that cause aging forever. A tile roof that could benefit from restoration will often look as if it is spotted with visible areas of light and dark along its surface. These colour variations indicate that part of the roof has faded due to the sun or been weathered by chemical pollutants or rain. Issues with missing, cracked or otherwise damaged tiles cannot be corrected with restoration alone. Repairs will need to be made prior to treatment.


Metal Roof Restorations

Metal roofs are incredibly strong and don’t readily crack or break like tiles, but metal is easily affected by moisture, chemical pollutants and other environmental factors. Metal roofs may develop spotty deposits that detract from their appearance. In commercial settings, particularly on the roofs of restaurants and adjacent buildings, the metal may also become caked with grease and look as if it is peeling. Restoration can help to correct signs of weathering; however, roofs that have corroded or are showing signs of rust will require replacement or repair rather than traditional restoration.


Asphalt Shingles Restorations

Most asphalt shingle roofs will require major repairs or replacements within 15 or 20 years of when they are built, and minor shingle replacements may also become necessary if shingles are lost due to winds or begin to curl at the corners. These types of matters require roof repairs, not restoration; however, roof restoration can help to remove discolouration caused by algae and other microbes. Restoration can also help to bring out the colour of shingles that have faded in the sun.

NuTech roof restoration products can make tile, metal and asphalt shingle roofs look like new and help them resist the effects of UV, pollution, temperature fluctuations, inclement weather and microbes. If you’re seeing signs that indicate that your tile, metal or fibrous cement roof could benefit from restoration, call Paul Magro from Colour Elegance to find out if roof restoration with NuTech is right for you. We can give you a free quote and provide you with answers to all of your questions.