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Got questions about our painting or roof restoration services?

For more information, see our FAQs below.

House Painting Questions

Do I have to move out when the painters are working?

Our house painters easily work around a lived-in house, so you do not have to move out. There is some dust generated in the preparation phase, so sometimes it is beneficial to move some items into other rooms strategically. We can advise on particulars when preparing a fee proposal. Other rooms can be closed off to prevent dust spreading.

How long will the project last and do I need to be home the entire time?

The length of a project depends on the condition of the walls before we start, and the size of the house. We will give an accurate estimate of time for your house painting  in our fee proposal. As a guide, a residential house typically takes between 5 – 10 working days to complete.

If you need to be at work during the day we can arrange access prior, so you can go about your life as normal. We have a long list of satisfied clients who can vouch for our safety in your home. Our business depends on our trustworthy reputation, so we look after your things with utmost care, and will secure the place again when we leave.

Will my furniture be protected?

Absolutely! We cover everything in our area of work, so your floors, furniture and things are all safe from the new paint. Your walls and ceilings and trim are the only things we paint in your house!

Why is Dulux the best choice?

Dulux is the paint of choice for most professional house painters in Australia. It has an enormous range of superior products and colours. In our experience, the best finish and the longest results come from Dulux.

What do I need to do to prepare for the painters?

We provide all the drop sheets to protect your floors and furniture. Furniture and picture frames need to be moved off walls, which you are welcome to do if you prefer, though we can do this carefully and safely for you also. You do not need to wash the walls, or sand or patch the plaster – our painters do all that for you.

What do you do to prepare the surface for painting?

The quality of the paint finish depends on comprehensive preparation. We understand this so we take the time to prepare properly and completely before any paint is even opened. Our house painters will do all the prep work on the plaster and timber including sanding and washing previous paint work, patching and repairing plaster etc. Once you have chosen the colours, we can do everything else in the preparation process and of course the painting itself.

Are you going to clean-up when you are finished?

Yes, we want you to have a great experience with our painters, so we clean up after ourselves. The only thing we leave is the best paint finish you will get from anyone in Sydney. We take with us all paint tins, paint brushes, paint residue, protective drop sheets, and any rubbish and packaging generated from the painting project. You will not be left with empty tins that are difficult to dispose of.
We will leave you with touch up paint in correct colours for those times it might get chipped from day to day wear.

How do I pick out colors?

Colours can be stressful to pick, especially considering you are likely to be living with your decision for the next 5-10 years! There are well formulated rules for putting colours together. If you are concerned about colour, whether you have no idea or have narrowed it down, we can drop in for a colour consultation with you well before the project gets underway. So you can relax knowing your choices are socially sound, and can have get used to the colours for a time before taking the plunge and having us coat your whole house!

Roof Restoration Questions

How long does roof restoration last?

All our work comes with a 7 year workmanship workmanship guarantee and a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the paint products we use. Roof restoration is a maintenance that you can expect to last for in excess of 10 years. The product we use is the highest quality on the market today and will perform year after year in the sun. Rather than replace your roof, save significant cash by restoring it instead.

What is Nu Tech? Why is it superior?

Nu Tech Paints are pioneers in the research and manufacturing of high quality, long lasting roof coatings. They have products for all types of tiles, metal sheet, fibrous cement, masonry and concrete roofs. We use Nu Tech because it has complementary products for each step in the roof restoration process; as well as coatings tailored to each different roof style in Australia; and that their colour range is second to none in tying in with your home.

For 40 years Nu Tech have been coating roofs around the world, and improving their formula based on the results. We have no hesitation using and recommending Nu Tech Paints for restoring your roof.

Is rainwater from a painted roof fit for human consumption?

Yes! Nu Tech products seal well and are safe for humans to drink off. If the roof has been pressure cleaned as part of the roof restoration process then we always recommend waiting 3 rain days before reconnecting the tanks so that any dirt and grime has cleared from the gutters.

What is the difference between roof restoration and roof repair?

Roof restoration does involve minor repairs like replacing cracked tiles and repointing capping tiles. Primarily the process is about having the roof pressure cleaned, and resealed with a primer coat and a coat of Nutech Roof Coating System. This seal improves the weather performance of the roof. It restores the colour of your old roof, or provides opportunity to choose a new colour for aesthetics and an improved solar performance.

For broken valleys and major leaks in your roof, you need a roof repairer. Colour Elegance can recommend a roof repairer based on your location.

What kind of dollar value will roof restoration add to my home?

The condition of the roof can impact 10-15% of the sale price. Having a great looking roof does wonders for the sub-conscious mind when choosing to buy a place. And a well maintained home gives confidence that there will not be a sudden need to spend money on the roof if it has been recently restored.