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Why should I paint the exterior of my home? That’s a question many homeowners ask themselves when they’re considering how to spend their home maintenance dollars. Many people believe that paint is purely aesthetic, that it only affects the way a home looks, but this isn’t necessarily the case. A fresh coat of the right paint can provide benefits well beyond those of sprucing up the exterior, making repainting a smart investment for many homeowners. Read on to learn more about the protective benefits of exterior painting. Paul Magro is an experienced, Sydney based painter.


A Matter of Quality

So does repainting add life to timbers and protect them from damage? It depends on what’s on the your contractor’s paint brush. The best paints can and do protect homes from damage, but not all paints are made the same way. This makes it very important that you carefully investigate the contractor that you choose to handle your project and find out exactly what types of paints will be used.


The Benefits of High Quality Exterior Paints

When you consider only high quality exterior paints, there are proven protective benefits to repainting the exterior of a home. The timbers that lie beneath paint can be easily damaged by many elements in the environment. The intense ultraviolet energy from the sun can compromise the strength of the wood, and rain, humidity and heat can promote rot. In addition, mould can grow on timbers, reducing their integrity and damaging the exterior. The best exterior paints contain ingredients that fight all of these potential sources of damage. When applied with the right techniques by a professional contractor, the paints create a shield over the timbers, limiting UV and moisture damage. The exterior paints can also help to inhibit the growth of mould.


How to Know You’re Getting the Best Protection

As previously discussed, the quality of paint matters if you’re concerned with protecting timbers and extending their lives. This makes it important that you look for signs of quality in the exterior paints that will be used to repaint your home. The easiest way to assess the quality of an exterior paint is to find out if it has any type of guarantee or warranty. Manufacturers only offer these types of guarantees if their products are proven to withstand the elements and offer real protection for homes. The very best products will have lifetime warranties with information about their details readily available on the Internet.
If you truly want your exterior paint to protect your timbers, you need to choose a painting contractor who uses only the finest of paints. At Colour Elegance, we only use Dulux Weathershield exterior paint products. Dulux has been developing and testing paints for over 40 years and is considered the leading Australian manufacturer of paints. All of the Weathershield products are guaranteed to provide protection for as long as you live in your home, ensuring that your investment in painting gives you the best possible return. Contact us today for a free quote on an exterior painting project completed with protective Dulux Weathershield paints.