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There’s something to be said for the satisfaction that you get when you complete a home improvement project yourself. Still, some jobs are deceptively simple and can end up being more trouble than homeowners expect. House painting is one such home improvement project, and smart homeowners know it’s best to leave it up to the pros. Here’s why:

Better Techniques

Painting may seem straightforward, but many people quickly find out that it’s way more difficult than it looks. Inexperienced individuals often find it challenging to use a steady hand when painting trim and may be dismayed to find that their work is uneven or spotty once it’s dried. Professional painters know the best ways to apply paint to all types of surfaces and produce incomparable results with their techniques.


Time Saving

Even a small room can be very time consuming to paint properly, as there is a lot of preparation like taping and drop-clothing that goes into the process. If you think about your time as being worth money, professional painters offer real value.


A Safer, Greener Solution

Even nontoxic paints can produce hazardous fumes and must be handled and disposed of properly to protect your family and the environment. Professional painters know how to utilise, clean up and dispose of paint and paint waste safely, so you don’t have to worry or risk someone getting sick.


Expert Advice

There is nothing worse than getting a paint colour up on the wall and then realising it’s not what you had hoped for. Professional painters can judge how colours will look in various rooms due to the light that they receive. A good painting contractor can recommend the right colours to match your furnishings, draperies and carpeting or flooring, so that you are sure to be satisfied with the results.


Better Supplies, Better Equipment

A reputable professional painter will use high quality paints and equipment for your project. This means better, longer lasting results than what you can typically achieve with ordinary house paints purchased in stores and run-of-the-mill brushes and rollers.


Cost Effective

Many homeowners make the mistake of overbuying paint and end up only using painting supplies a handful of times. As a result, hiring a professional painter is often the more cost effective choice, as it means no wasteful investments.


Guarantees and Warranties

Professional painting contractors usually offer guarantees on their work and use products that come with warranties. If for any reason the results don’t live up to your expectations, they will take care of it for you. If you did the work yourself and are displeased, you’ll either have to fix it or pay for a contractor to do it for you.
Colour Elegance offers competitive rates on interior and exterior painting, and we use the absolute best paints with long warranties. We’ll be glad to provide you with our professional advice on your colour selections and will use the best equipment and our expertise to make your home look incredible. Contact us today to get a free quote on your project.