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Roof restoration is a highly beneficial service that can make commercial and residential properties more attractive, more appealing to prospective buyers and more resistant to the effects of the elements. Although roof restoration services have been offered for decades, many people don’t fully understand what the process entails. We often get questions from property owners regarding roof restoration and we put together this quick list of answers to common queries to help those considering the service learn more.


What can you tell me about the solar reflection improvements from a freshly painted roof?


One of the benefits of painting or coating a roof is enhanced solar reflection. When the sun shines down on a house or business, its heat can penetrate the roof and enter the building. As a result, the top floor or attic area can become very hot in the summertime, causing air conditioners to work much harder to keep temperatures comfortable indoors. This can lead to dramatic increases in energy costs during the hot summer months. Many of the best roof restoration products have reflective properties, meaning that they cause the rays of the sun to bounce off a roofing surface rather than penetrate it. During the summer months, this can greatly reduce the problems associated with hot upper floors, saving homeowners and business owners money on their monthly energy bills. Energy conservation also benefits the entire planet, giving roof restoration environmental benefits.


Can I match my house colours?


Increasing the aesthetic appeal of a home is one of the primary benefits of roof restoration, so it’s understandable that property owners would worry about the finished colour of their roofs. Top roof restoration seals and coatings are offered in a variety of standard colours, which are designed to match the most common hues used in building design. In addition, many products have customisable colour options that allow property owners to get an exact match for any colour that they choose.


Will it add value to my home?


When calculating the value of a home, the quality and condition of the roof makes up roughly 10 to 15 per cent of the overall value of the structure. The condition is assessed primarily in terms of the structural integrity of the roof; however, the appearance of the roof and the level of protection that it currently has in place can also impact the value and make a home worth more. You also can’t discount the visual effect of roof restoration upon potential buyers. A roof that is attractive to the eye can make prospective buyers feel that a home or business is worth a higher asking price.


How much cheaper is roof restoration than roof replacements?


Pricing of roof restoration and roof replacement services depends on a wide variety of factors, so it’s not possible to provide an exact dollar savings that will apply to everyone. Generally, restoring a roof will cost less than half the price of fully replacing a roof.


Still have questions about roof restoration? We have answers. Give us a call to learn more about roof restoration and to get a quote on having the roof of your commercial or residential property restored.