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Many people have heard about the benefits of roof restoration from improving the aesthetic appeal of a home to increasing its value to helping keep the roof from suffering major damage with age. Still, many people confuse roof restoration with roof repair and find themselves unsure if they should be looking for a contractor with experience in roof repairs or roof restoration. Fortunately, you can often tell whether a repairer or a restoration specialist is the right professional to meet your needs just with a visual inspection.


The following symptoms indicate that a roof restoration may be the right choice for your roof:



Faded appearance

One of the easiest-to-spot symptoms of a much-needed roof restoration is fading. With age, roofs often develop a film that leaves them looking paler than they once did. UV exposure can also bleach certain types of roofing materials, producing all over or spotty fading. A roof restoration can leave colours brighter and even for an attractive effect.


Growth of mould or mildew

Mould, mildew and algae can all begin to grow on roofs over time. These microbes will appear as black, chalky or green discolouration that may be confined to one area of a roof or widespread. The pressure-washing phase of roof restoration can remove these species and help to prevent their return.


Dirty or grimy appearance

Depending on the age of your roof and type of environment in which you live, your roof may appear dirty or dusty up close or even from a distance. Years of dirt require intense water pressure to be completely removed, making roof restoration necessary.


Lack of shine or lustre

A brand new tile or metal roof will have an attractive lustre that complements the facade of a building. This gradually fades over time, but can be easily brought back to life with a roof restoration.



Symptoms that indicate roof repairs may be better the option for your needs include:



Cracked, misshapen, missing, broken tiles or shingles

Some roof restoration specialists can make very basic repairs like replacing one or two shingles; however, most often, you’ll need a professional roofer to deal with these problems.


Rust or corrosion

Metal roofs that appear rusted or have visible holes in them should be repaired or replaced, not restored.



Roof leaks are signs of structural damage and cannot be fixed simply through roof restoration.

Still unsure whether your home or place of business needs a roof restoration or a roof repair or replacement? Let the experts have a look and give you their advice. At Colour Elegance Painters and Decorators, we have years of experience in roof restoration and can assess the condition of your roof and provide you with the best advice regarding whether we can help you or whether you would be better served by the services of a roof repairer. Contact us at 0410 507 038 to schedule a consultation.