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When you make any type of investment in your home, you want to get the biggest possible return on the money you spent. Having a home repair or improvement project completed only to have its benefits be fleeting can end up wasting your money, so it’s understandable that you’d want to proceed with caution when considering any type of improvement. Read on for general advice, or if you need roof restoration in Sydney we’d be glad to visit for specific advice.

Roof restorations have been proven to add to the aesthetic appeal to homes by restoring the appearance of roofs to like-new condition. Restorations also provide much-needed protection from water damage, mould and other environmental threats. But how long do their results really last? Read on to get the full story about the longevity of roof restorations.

Factors Affecting Roof Restoration Results

Before you can fully understand the data regarding how long roof restorations last, you must first understand what affects the longevity of results. Some factors include:

1. Climactic Conditions

Roof restoration products provide protection from the elements, but they are also acted on by the forces of nature. Homes and businesses in areas that get large amounts of sunlight and rain or where the air is salty or especially humid are more likely to suffer roof wear and tear than properties in other locations. As a result, a roof restoration may not last as long in areas where climactic conditions are harsh.

2. Materials

There are a number of different products and systems available for performing roof restoration services. Like all other types of products, roof restoration materials can vary in quality from cheap, basic formulas to top-of-the-line, high quality solutions. Better products will produce results that outlast those possible with the competition.

3. Workmanship

Even the best roof restoration products won’t last for as long as they could if they are not applied properly. The right technique needs to be employed in order for roof restoration products to provide maximum benefits for homes and businesses.

The Average Life of a Roof Restoration

The life of a roof restoration can vary greatly from property to property based on the factors that were previously outlined. The very best products applied by knowledgeable professional installers last an average of 10 years, but it is possible for the results to last for longer or shorter periods of time.

The Importance of Warranties

If you’re considering roof restoration and are concerned about how long the results will last, it is important that you inquire about any warranties from your roofing contractor. Top roof restoration products carry guarantees and warranties for a set period of time, and experienced roofing contractors should also offer guarantees and warranties on the quality of their workmanship. When you have the protection of guarantees and warranties, you’ll be able to take action if the life of your roof restoration results are inadequate or disappointing.

At Colour Elegance, we use NuTech roof restoration products that carry a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and we offer a 5 year guarantee on our workmanship. For more information about our services, please contact us at 0410 507 038.